Healing_Katie Craig Design
I had been working on my play for years when I connected with Stone Pier Productions. They understood my vision and how to bring it to the next level. I am so incredibly grateful for their expertise, talent and support.
— Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg, "Life, Death, Life Again"
Meeting with Catherine was arguably the highlight of my adulthood. It was fantastic to be able to dip my toes in the literary world in a very real way. She is a pro and having her critique my work was an absolute honor. I know there is much work ahead but not only do I feel inspired, I have a roadmap.
— Christina Peaslee, A Work in Progress
Susanna hears the harmony and discord in a piece of writing not only at the sentence level, but in the work as a whole. Her suggestions for my manuscript were astute and insightful. While she was respectful of my creative choices, she also offered concrete ways to take the quality of my writing and my novel to the next level.”
— Tara White, Leave of Absence

In a nutshell: Clare has solutions. She simply knows how to make success. As my editor, that was fabulous.
— L.R. Smith
I firmly believe had I not had Susanna in my corner, I would still be waiting for my big break.
— Rebecca Anderson Brown, That Which Does Not Kill You
Working with Clare is a real joy. She’s got high standards but knows how to support people’s natural work habits. She’s creative and thoughtful, and brings both her heart and a razor sharp mind to all her work.
— Carol Lloyd
Catherine’s solid knowledge of writing is evident in her unerring sense of structure and expert ability to edit for clarity and meaning. She does not shy away from the hard stuff but she offers feedback in the kindest way.
— Molly Magram Schpero, The Only Mother
Folks tell me “n of 1” looks like what a book published from Apple might look like. Minimalist, clean and elegant. We’ll take that!
— Glenn Sabin, n of 1
Melissa has offered guidance through every stage of publishing - forming ideas, finding structure, and expressing stories in words. She has a special ability to find both problems and promise in a text. She is both trenchant and supportive, insightful and inspiring.
— Erin Elizabeth Clune, SH*TTY MOM
Clare caught me just before I fell into the “I’m an author not a marketer” abyss. She hit every nail on the head, brought my book cover and website over the finish line and set me on the road to success. All delivered with a compassionate sense of partnership. Plus she’s way cool!
— Donna Jenson, Healing My Life
Catherine’s feedback is precise, insightful, and on target.
— Deborah Schifter, What to do About Winter
Your work is insanely good!
— David Bressler, The Elephant in the Room Has a Paycheck



Without Melissa Falcon Field this book would have remained in a folder on my desk forever.
— Angela Palm, Riverine
Leslie is a masterful writer and editor. She hooks readers through a blend of wit, intelligence, and a knack for zeroing in on the heart of a story.
— C.E. Webb
Susanna’s attention never flagged while reviewing my manuscript. Her notes are always incisive, her advice spot-on.
— Jeff Kuykendall, Darkwoods
Catherine cut to the core of my manuscript’s issues and allowed me to envision my story in a whole new way.
— Katie Koppel, Plucked
Melissa was brilliant in helping me to polish off my manuscript. First, in editing and coaching me through the revision process and then in providing a strategy to position it for submission. She was an invaluable inspiration.
— Donna Murray, Wolf Den Hollow