Story development 

Literary fiction, thrillers, narrative nonfiction, memoirs, and screenplays - we've done it all and more. We dig deep into your manuscript to offer structural feedback on how best to bring through your characters and story. Learn more. 


A good cover (take a look at a few of ours) and professional-looking interior design sells books. Period. We'll offer creative direction and introduce you to one of our designers, hand-picked to make your book look sharp, from the inside out. Learn more.



Know there's a good book inside you just waiting to get out? Let us know and we'll fix you up with one of our nice, albeit firm, editors who can take you - and your manuscript - across the finish line. Learn more.


Every manuscript, no matter how well-structured, needs a sharp line-level edit to tighten writing, fix inconsistencies, and correct grammatical snafus. So let us help you undangle your participles. Don't worry, we'll be gentle.



There's writing a book and there's pitching one - jacket copy, blurbs, bios, and advertising. Let us help you attract attention by producing copy with pop, and making it sound just like you. 


By now you know that being a successful author means not just writing a book but selling it, too. Where to begin? How about with a basic launch plan we can produce after talking with you and studying your audience. We can also build you a killer author website. 



Agents and acquisition editors are ridiculously busy people. We can help refine your pitch to better your chances of attracting attention. 

Screenplay adaptation

Let us help wrestle your book into a script. One of us has been doing this successfully for years and she says, "Bring it!"