How does this all work?

Contact us and describe your project needs and what you're prepared to spend, more or less. We'll follow up with any questions and pair you with one of our Designers, Editors, or Marketers for a free consult. Once we have a good sense of your project we'll recommend an approach and estimate how much time and money it will take to get it all done. If you like what you hear we'll sign you up - and you are good to go!

Do you produce ebooks?

Yes - EPUB, MOBI, we've got you covered. While ebook conversion services are broadly available, there's a steep learning curve for first-timers plus a high risk of errors. If you want to spare yourself the headache, and get it done right, we're happy to step in.

What marketing services do you offer?

We can simplify your options and develop a launch plan that works for you. We start by asking you to tell us about your book, your marketing experience, and your audience. We'll follow up with a brief written proposal and a phone call to discuss next steps. We can also build a rock-solid author site for you, if you haven't already done so.  

How much?

We have no set rates since every project is different. But before starting anything we'll suss out your project demands and give you an estimate. If it's more than what you want to spend we're happy to make adjustments so the cost falls within your budget. 

I'd like editorial help. Where to begin? 

We work with writers who bring full manuscripts and writers yet to commit a full paragraph to paper. Here's an introduction to our editorial services plus guidance on what may work best for you. 

Why Stone Pier Productions?

We're a concierge editorial, design, and marketing service, and not just another cookie-cutter book production company. Once you sign up with us, you'll be paired with the professional who's the best fit for you and your project. Every member of our team is experienced not only in editing and design and marketing but in bringing out the best in a writer. That high-touch approach is part of why so many of those who've worked with us have only good things to say about the experience. 

Can you help me find a book agent?

A well-edited manuscript can go a long way towards helping you attract an agent. That said we can also help better your chances by working with you on your pitch and a strategy.

I'd like to create a book from scratch. Can your service hep?

Yes, and here's how: We'll pair you with our development editor who'll work closely with you to put together the book you've always wanted to write but haven't had time to. Our approach relies mostly on interviews with you which we use to draft an outline and then fill in. You can do as much or as little writing as you want. 

What's your book design process?

Our ideal client wants a layout and book cover that look like they were produced by a major publishing company. To get you started we'll ask a few questions to help you zero in on what you want. Then we'll give you an estimate and put together a plan for moving forward. For more information, check out your design options. Then take a look at the stunning book covers our designers have created. 

What if my manuscript isn't finished?

We can help you get it done. We offer one-on-one coaching that can be tailored to the kind of support you're looking for. A typical coaching plan runs for a period of six months to a year.

Can you build me a good author site?

Yes - and we can do it pretty quickly. Our designers work with SquareSpace and Wordpress and have a great eye for how best to present you and your work. We're also very reasonably priced.

Will billing and a proposal for the work to be delivered be spelled out before the job starts?

Yes it will. Our aim is to make working with us a straightforward, useful, and pleasant process. With that in mind, we very much welcome your feedback.

Do you accept all clients?

Sometimes we turn down clients because we think the fit or timing isn't quite right. And sometimes it's because we can't offer the kind of help a client is asking for.